Helping you with cleaning out closets full of clothes no longer worn or fitting properly, I will make the decision process easy for you! We will go through your items using my knowledge of industry and resources and I will take care of the rest! You will instantly have a sense of renewal as well as knowing your items will have a longer life cycle.

This service is also ideal for home decor. Items I am most interested in include rugs (foreign artisan made), artwork (no mass produced prints), mirrors (retro or large style), small furniture and decor items fitting a modern retro or bohemian aesthetic.

Selling: Items for selling will be researched for the best selling price, cleaned and photographed. Selling rate is split 50/50. Payments will be paid at the end of each month and items will be held for a minimum of 6 months. These may be returned back to you at request.

Donation: Ideal for items that don’t have a high selling value, demand or have signs of wear. These will be donated to clothing swaps, nonprofits, thrift shops, re-use centres at my discretion. These items cannot be returned.

Cost: $25/hour due at the time of consultation.

Book Now: Please use the form below to book your consultation service! A refreshed closet inspires a refreshed outlook!