The Art of Slow – Intuition

Intuition, Earthbound Oracle Deck, Oracle Deck

This year oracle and tarot cards came into my life. It was always something I was somewhat interested in but didn’t know how to pursue or relate to them more for daily guidance. Somehow I started following a tarot reader on my Facebook feed and deeply aligned with what she said at the perfect time that I was needing to hear the lessons. It was there where I followed her and a couple others throughout the year. A friend gifted me her oracle deck that I use on a regular basis and it has been one of my most treasured gifts. Oracle decks are different because they are not the traditional tarot, they can be a word with an image and often come with a book to read the meaning of the card with. The oracle deck I work with is the Earthbound Oracle deck, I love it’s imaging, small cards that are easy to shuffle and the fact that it doesn’t come with a book, it’s up to our own interpretation. A few of these cards show up regularly for me and many cards, I have never seen. The right cards always show up at the right time. I will often pull a card when I am questioning something and it always makes sense.

The card I pulled tonight (new moon in Sagittarius) is ‘Intuition’. It is a card that shows up for me from time to time and always as a reminder when I’m feeling something pretty strong, to follow that feeling, even when that means saying no to something that sounds promising. There is a gut feeling that gives me the feeling of a wrong step or direction, uneasiness – we’ve all felt that. And instead of focusing on the negative things that intuition tells us and what we see in the memes and graphics on social media, I wanted to think about this card in a new way… what else can it teach me. Intuition can also teach you and lead you in positive directions and when I thought about that in depth, I realized that we don’t follow the positive side of our intuition enough. We have the nudge that we should reach out and talk to that person or follow that dream or goal that we’ve always had but we don’t follow it as easily as we are afraid of failure instead trusting what our intuition is reminding us. May we fail or be rejected, yes of course but perhaps there is a lesson or direction in that, that will lead us to what is truly meant for us. And what if we finally follow the thing that we’ve always wanted to do, what if we finally reach out to that person we’re crushing on or that connection that needs to be made for our personal and professional goals. Perhaps we would be living a life more out of intention of what we truly want to be doing instead of helping others reach their goals, or moving in circles through the same rat race day after day.

Earthbound Oracle Deck, Oracle Deck, Intution

What do you need to say yes to that is continually coming up for you or what you’ve always thought and wondered about? A personal goal, dream, trip, love interest, career… whatever it may be, follow your intuition. And when we second guess ourselves, that the timing isn’t right, we don’t have the resources yet, we don’t have our life together yet, put that aside and just follow your gut. Don’t miss out on another opportunity. Take that risk, if it is right for you, it will work itself out. No. Matter. What.


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