Thrift Haul – October 2017

Ahh October, I’m glad the month is over thrift-wise as it’s my least favourite time for the thrift shops being so packed with non-thrifters looking for their Halloween costumes. I have been frequenting other locations for thrifting rather than my usual location so it’s been nice to branch out from the regular. If you are in Edmonton, my new favorite location is the Value Village near NAIT. I thought this one would not be good but perhaps we should never judge a book by it’s cover, the shoe section has been especially generous to me over the summer months and I find their prices can be better than the very popular Gateway location. Word to the wise, always keep an open mind!

On to the thrifts, here’s what I spotted:

Endlessly finding Starbucks mugs!

Probably the nicest suitcase I’ve ever seen thrifting.

Great little boho vibe side table/stool $4. Not sure why I didn’t get this.

Great mirror, if I was still in my phase of building a mirror wall. Really cool design and would look great in another colour!

Kicking myself for not getting this vintage brass mirror at $25. It’s a great vanity or hall table size and amazing resale potential. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking and am very stubborn with my finds.

Finding items from your childhood is the best and I often wonder if it is the exact one, I once had! This is a sprinkler, the water shoots up from Mickey’s umbrella.

Anna Sui wallet – I have spotted Anna Sui on one prior occasion but this wallet seemed like a knock-off to me.

Matt & Nat wallet with just a light bit of wear.

Club Monaco pony hair coin purse, considered this one for awhile but in the end, I left it behind since I don’t think it would be something I would get much use out of. Club Monaco is a brand that is very expensive to buy new, this was likely around the $60-$90 mark but doesn’t often retain it’s value when reselling.

Fossil red leather purse $8. This had wear but was still in incredible condition for the amount of wear it showed both inside and outside. I think overall, it just needed some cleaning TLC. Would have been over $200 brand new.

I loved these Kenneth Cole pumps but they were just a bit too big. Will be a style I look for on eBay, which is another great reason to thrift – you can find styles you like and if the size doesn’t work for you, then you know what to search for on eBay!

Here’s another ‘I’m not sure what I was thinking/why didn’t I buy’ item – great low price for Miz Mooz as it can often be priced around the $20 mark and they have great resale potential for price and easy sales.

A very fashion forward/current style of shoe with some light wear!

Coach ballet flats, $20.

Tory Burch $12. Tempting for resale, but I left these behind, they were a little dusty and I wasn’t in the mood to think about the clean up I would give these.

Brand new Dr. Martens but overpriced at $60 for thrift.

Pony Hair Dr. Marten booties $27 – these were amazing and I wish they were in my size! They didn’t have enough resale value for me though unfortunately.

Definitely considered these Stan Smith’s but they would need a clean up and this style didn’t have enough resale value for my liking.

Beautiful ballerina style cardigan.

Anthropology cardigan/sweater. Photographs beautifully but in person, I didn’t love it.

Cynthia Rowley cardigan, her designs are always a favourite but I left this one behind.

Custo is one of my all time favourite brands and I still like spotting it thrift, so I can see all the different designs.

Massimo Dutti $8. When I researched this brand, it had a high resale value but I thought this style looked somewhat plain and could be a hard sell on eBay.

French Connection dress $20 – my colours but didn’t love it for the price.

This was by a Canadian designer Melissa Nepton and made in Canada but the fit was too big for me.

Nanette Lepore dress $18.

Decent price for Lululemon jacket at $20 and likely a good item for resale as well, I just wasn’t in the mood to buy this one. Sometimes I like to leave my finds for others to score! That’s good thrift karma!

North Face puffer jacket $25, spreading my good thrift karma around for someone else to score!

Soia & Kyo coat $23 – good resale potential for this hooded coat but I had a similar one still for sale for awhile in my eBay shop.

I found this Soia & Kyo fall coat at $19 to have more resale potential than the other but I just wasn’t in the mood and I had more exciting things to buy.

Such as… here’s what came home with me:

Starbucks mug $2 and ‘swimmer’ plates, also $2.

I like the feel of this mug, so I may be keeping it for myself.

A few days after doing research on the most profitable Starbucks mugs, I spotted one from the list! This one has a fast selling rate of about $20-$25, it is from 2001 which is what likely adds to it’s value.

Prada flats $18, these are my size but just slightly big. I’ll give these a nice clean up for listing!

Miu Miu $4! Amazing score to find Miu Miu at an unbelievable price! I decided to take these out for a spin but have found them to be slightly tight on my foot so I will be reselling.

Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flats – these do have some wear but it also shows what a good shoe maker actually is.

Dune sneakers $12, this is a very popular brand from the UK, Frye open toe heels $15 and a leather wallet made in Afghanistan for $8.
Coach wristlet $9, bought this for the price and resale potential. It was also in great condition!

Really cool liquid mesh purse from BCBG for $5. It has one small snag but I barely noticed it. Can’t wait to use this one!

Matt & Nat purse $25. It’s fairly common to spot Matt & Nat at Value Village but for the most part, it’s very over priced. I found this somewhat recent style in the beautiful shimmery white colour and had to have it! This is one I could make money off of, should I choose to sell it.

Marc Jacobs cardigan – $5. Five dollars! I’m sure there was an Old Navy cardigan priced at $8 somewhere in the store.

Princess by Vera Wang cardigan $10 – this doesn’t have a lot of resale value but is adorable. The bottom is lace. Keeping for myself.

Pretty light pink RW & Co sweater.

Kelly green is my favourite colour and there needs to be more things in the world in this shade because it looks amazing on! I can’t wait to wear this sweater!

Les Copains dress $18.

Rachel Roy dress $14 – I really liked this dress as soon as I saw it but when I tried it on, the fit was perfect! The bottom has two zippers on either side between the two patterns for extra detail.

I realized I’m missing a picture of the amazing slim Club Monaco black pants with leather details I also scored for $4. I have gotten so much use out of those pants in the short month that I’ve had them! Makes me think twice about the items I don’t wear as much in my closet!

Thanks for reading! Happy thrifting!


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