Thrift Haul – August 2017

It was a great month for thrifting and making some great thrift connections either online or in person! Value Village featured the feature image of mine of the white hobnail vase and flowers on National Thrift Shop Day, I won a $25 gift certificate and gained many new followers – welcome, glad we could connect! I love thriftshoping for both housewares and clothing!

I’ve been checking out a few different locations lately than my regular Value Village on Whyte Ave location, just for variety but my normal location will always be the home base. I ran into a friend while thrifting and they asked me ‘any good scores lately’? Everything I’ve found recently flashed rapidly though my brain like an operating system update, and I responded ‘I always find good scores’. And then two minutes later I found some great Salvatore Ferragamo’s!

Here’s what I spotted this month:

Kinda regret not getting these Japanese ceramic bowls for leftovers! So cute!

These fox mugs were adorable!!! But a bit highly priced, I’ve never seen mugs priced over $5!

New Balance sneakers – definitely my colours, were just a bit too big.

Perfect condition Coach sandals, $8.

Tory Burch – these were just a little too warn for me to consider for reselling as I personally like to sell items in very good condition.

Hispanitas – these were beautiful but for the price, the resale wasn’t that good surprisingly. I hope these found a good home.

Fly Girl – this was my first time spotting Fly Girl and the price was quite high which didn’t provide a good enough return for me for reselling.

A week later, I found another set of Fly Girl booties, I definitely considered these for resale since the price was much lower than the previous sighting.

These Kenneth Cole Reaction wedge sandals were so fun!

First time spotting L.A.M.B. shoes at Value Village. I have seen a few clothing pieces in my adventures but it’s a very rare brand to find.

Coach bag – very good condition.

Someone was cleaning out their Coach bag collection!

This was my first time spotting Micheal Stars and I totally would have bought this except I was in a ‘I just don’t feel like buying stuff today, if I don’t absolutely LOVE it’ mood. Maybe that was a good mood to have for sustainable fashion.

Absolutely stunning Miss Sixty coat that was unfortunately too big.

French Connection coat, I love coats in general!

Here’s what came home with me this month:

These Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flats were probably my best find of the month! It’s not totally uncommon to spot Ferragamo’s but it is uncommon to spot ones this versatile! The same pair in grey, recently sold on eBay for $130!

I don’t normally buy something priced this high for sourcing unless I know it will sell high and well. I definitely debated about these but gave it a try. Wish me luck, they are for sale in my eBay shop.

This leather and wood purse was one of the coolest vintage purses, I’ve ever seen! When I posted it on Instagram, one of my followers commented that they were the person who donated it! I’ve always wanted to meet the people who donate what I buy and the story behind the item! Stay tuned for more!

Kenneth Cole leather bag – also a great find!

Daughters of the Liberation, an Anthropologie brand pant, which likely retailed for $100 or more, purchased for $4 and fit perfectly.

Thug Kitchen cookbook $5 – I’ve wanted this cookbook forever as I’ve likely been following Thug Kitchen from the very beginning. Swearing and vegetarian cooking are a match made in heaven.

Vintage mirror $12 – Surprisingly, I don’t often find cool mirrors or even vintage mirrors when thrifting, this was a great score that has already made a great addition at my home!

Value Village is now all set up for the Halloween and then Christmas season, all the racks and stores become a little more crowded to make room. It always becomes my least favourite seasons to thrift but is also my most lucrative, I can’t wait to see what will be found next month! Thanks for reading!


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