EBay Tips From My First Year

I’ve always been into reselling in various forms from consignment store to shop closet events and online forums such as Kijiji and the now obsolete Trend Trunk. But I always stayed away from eBay as it seemed very complex and scared me. It wasn’t until some of the accounts I follow on Instagram shared more of their sales and tips, that I realized it was a very supportive community of resellers and I decided to give eBay a try. Once I did, I was questioning myself as to why I didn’t try it sooner as it has been by far the least time consuming and most lucrative of all the sources I have used for reselling.

I constantly post items I find at thrift stores but don’t always bring home with me on my Instagram or through my thrifthaul blog posts, by sourcing for eBay it allows me to make these finds a little more accessible to all my readers and turn the time I spend in a thrift shop into a source of income.

EBay is like anything else in life, you are constantly learning and evolving, I’m sure I will have further things I learn and tips I can share overtime as well as opening myself up to new ways of selling as I gain more and more confidence with the platform.

1. Do what works for you – this is the first tip I learned from watching a few eBay seller videos on YouTube and I’d have to say I agree fully with this. This is perhaps why eBay scared me for so long as there are so many different options and scenarios one could choose. But you really have to make it to be what works for you and try different strategies and policies.

2. Have searchable titles – the title is how you will find most of your buyers so although it will look messy, put as many descriptive words as possible in your titles, even slightly repedative words such as ‘vintage’ and ‘vtg’. I’ll sometimes go back and edit my titles if I find similar words that I can be using.

3. Constantly post – this is how you will keep your store from getting stale and will attract new views and buyers. Some swear by only posting at night or on Sunday’s when most people are shopping online but I’m on the fence about that. I’ve personally purchased and have had items sold at all hours of the day, so again this might go back to doing what works for you. In any case, all sellers will agree with constantly posting. I take all my pictures and write my posts each weekend as this is the most time consuming part and then I schedule my posts daily.

4. Be fluid – Even if you find what works for you, you will still have items that don’t sell or that take longer to sell. Be fluid and open into always learning new tips and tools. Maybe it’s what you are selling, maybe it’s how you have set up the post that is making it difficult to sell. Regardless, there is a lesson in everything.

5. Raise your prices – This is a strategy I have played around with a few times. When an item has a lot of watchers but no buyers, I’ve tried lowering the price and still no buyers! Instead raise the price a bit or remove the open to offers option and you should have a buyer shortly. I’ve also used this strategy when relisting an item that didn’t sell, perhaps I had my price too low that viewers weren’t taking the item seriously even if I wanted to offer a good deal, the buyers on eBay are willing to pay!

6. Do your research – To help strategize what to sell and how much, I use a tool called Wuanto.com and keep it easily accessible on my phone when I’m out thrifting. This will help me see exactly how much an item sold for and if it is worth my while purchasing an item to resell as it will tell me how much the buyer paid, how long ago and what exactly is selling. I will also use Wuanto to help me strategize my prices as I’ll look up what similar items are listed for on eBay and then what they actually sell for. I use ‘open to offers’ for most of my items and will price my items a bit higher so that offers will be more inline with the amount I am ideally aiming for.

7. Give it the time and attention it deserves – when I first started, I didn’t care about my pictures too much, I had the impression that it would sell regardless. And just like everything else on social media, it’s all about the feeling. This is something I was experiencing when I would find other shops that had great pictures and backgrounds – I wanted to buy from them and I was also inspired to have my shop have a similar feel. I thought I didn’t have the space in my house to create good pictures but while acknowledging that taking pictures in natural light is better, I then got creative about where to take my pictures. I found a spot outside by my back door that has a nice brick background and natural light. I then updated my shop with pictures in that location for consistency and better pictures overall. Doing this drastically improved my sales though it also could have been a few factors at the time such as steaming all my items, retaking the pictures, fixing my titles and listing regularly.

8. Be both a seller and a buyer – this is how I started to build my ratings and first learn how eBay worked. I was a buyer at first to learn the ropes of what I liked as well as to get a good rating so that buyers could be a bit more comfortable buying from me when I was just starting out. I also feel its good karma and business practice to know and understand both sides.

All of these tips and strategies all go back to the very first one – do what works for you. There is so much to learn that it can be a bit of an abyss. You just have to do it through your own trial and error and you’ll eventually find your rhythm.

What are some of your favourite tips?

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