Favourite Preloved Finds 2016

Another successful year of thrifting is in the books and I’m reflecting on the finds of 2016 and anticipating where this next year will take me. I’m still feeling the magic of the new year or perhaps it’s just my year of the Rooster energy brewing! I have no particular number or order of my favourites, just the ones that are memorable and stand out to me. It is too hard to narrow it down to a top five or ten – you can’t do that to an avid thrifter!

In perspective, I think I find more value and appreciation for the things I find secondhand vs what I buy new in the store! Every item is that much more curated and I tend to remember the feeling of first seeing the item and trying it on. I also love putting it in my laundry basket when I get home and looking forward to washing and wearing the item.

*** Apologies if you are reading this post on desktop, some of the photos are showing sideways for some readers which I have fixed and re-fixed a few times. The mystical occurances of technology we will never understand.

Favourite Items I Wish I Thrifted:


I was just doing a quick errand in the store and had other errands on foot to do after but I wish I had made my way back to pick up this vintage but current painting, very Custo Barcelona style! Such a beauty!


I actually mumbled in amazement to myself when I saw these Dr. Marten flat patent leather boots. I’ve very, very rarely seen Doc’s and never in a cool style or my size. I didn’t get these because one of them was missing the tongue which I thought was a lost cause. However, I have a friend who is a shoe maker who reminded me that this is fixable! Who knew?! Reminder, always have an open mind and a good Cobbler in your life!


Ted Baker dress, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking here but I didn’t even try this one on.

Favourite Items I Thrifted For Sourcing:




I found both of these at a Value Village location I never liked going to which again reminds me to always keep an open mind (and a good Cobbler to help me clean these up). The Manolo Blahnik’s are the shoes that Carrie has stolen at a party in a Sex and the City episode. They are actually the second SATC item I found this year… keep reading.



I finally achieved my long standing thrifting goal this year, to find a vintage Club Monaco sweatshirt and I was paid my overdue payment with two of them in the same thrifthaul! Unfortunately, they are a bit too oversized for my petite frame and I do have a smaller one that a friend gave me (as seen in my profile pic) so I’ve shared the love and offered these to friends. I feel there could be more to be found in my future.


The Kate Spade post was by far my most popular post of the year. I haven’t cleaned up this bag yet to try it out for myself but it could end up in my eBay shop once I do as I know many of you loved it!

Favourite Items I Thrifted For Me:

Some of the items I loved and took home with me this year are still sitting in my ‘to be dry-cleaned’ pile and some I haven’t worn as much as I had anticipated. But some are regular favourites of mine as you’ll see below.





Halston black velvet dress $10, which thanks to Pinterest I just discovered that this dress was also a Carrie Bradshaw item (in white jersey). Never worn John Fluevog heels in Rose Gold $30, I adore these. I would never have picked them out in real retail life and that’s what I love about thrifting, the low price point allows you to be more playful in your dressing. Together, these two items were probably my favourite outfit of the year.



Club Monaco Floral dress (with pockets!!!) $18 and Söfft black heels $12. In my 20’s, I lived in heels and walked 40 minutes in them to and from work everyday which of course eventually took its toll on my knees and back, now I barely ever wear heels and if I do I need them to have a rubber sole for anti-slip. Finding these pretty shoes that are perfect for work was much needed to my wardrobe.





Pink Tartan silk dress $9. This was my favourite dress to wear in summer for both work or casual. Although it’s silk and dry clean only, I wash it on my washer’s delicate setting and hang to try. Plus I can get a couple wears out of it before I actually have to wash it as it’s surprisingly very wrinkle resistant.



Club Monaco cardigan $6. I love this because it goes with everything and can look elegant or casual depending on how you pair it. Plus when I found it, I remember seeing it and loving it just a few weeks prior in Club Monaco!






Sisley navy trench coat $14. The perfect light coat that doesn’t look over powering on my petite frame as I’ve typically find many trench coats drown me in shape and colour.



Gap leather jacket $10. Thank you to whoever priced this way lower than their typical leather jacket price. This taupe jacket is one I regularly wore either to work or to spice up my casual outfit. I eventually found on Pinterest that it originally had a removable black fur collar.




Lululemon blouse, BNWT $35. Anything Lululemon with tags on is unheard of in the thrifting world and eBay gold. But this was my size and the perfect business casual that I adore so it was a keeper for me. Plus, I had a stamp card at the time so I didn’t pay full price on this.




Cynthia Rowley long sweater with high slits $15. In the three weeks that I’ve had this sweater, I’ve worn this every weekend, either dressed up to Christmas parties at friends houses or casual around the house with leggings. It’s so cozy yet sexy and fashionable.

Favourite Preloved Items Not Found At A Thrift Store:


Rugs from Kijiji $300. I’ve always loved rugs, even as I child, I couldn’t wait for the day when I could furnish my house with multitudes of them – can you tell I’m an old soul? These beauties are vibrant and well kept.


Michael Kors sweater dress $75, from Mine & Yours in Vancouver. I love checking out the local consignment stores when I’m vacationing and I’m actually surprised I don’t have many pictures of this dress, I live it in during the winter months.


Lululemon capris $5, swapped. I got these at the fashion swap I hosted at Lucid Lifestyle in the summer. Although I knew then and still know now that the colour is wrong for me and it makes me look like I have no pants on, I really like the style and am currently searching for another pair on eBay.


Rebecca Taylor leopard tshirt, from Vespucci. Simple but elegant.

There are so many great preloved and second hand items that I purchased last year that I really could go on as to why I love them all. But these are the ones I make use of the most. Which I think is an important factor when thrift shopping is not too get caught up in the low price points and to buy more intentionally. If there is something purchased thrift that is taking up valuable real estate in your life then it’s always best to pass along to someone else through donation, swap or reselling.

Thanks for reading, what was your favourite item you found second hand last year?


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