Value Village – December 2016 Part III

Thrifting post Christmas is a pleasant experience, I had never seen the store so clean and some sections were almost bare! But fret not, the staff were bringing out many items as I was there so it could be a good time to go, to get the fresh picks! Once the Christmas season is done, the thrift stores will all return to normal until August when they start preparing for Halloween season and then Christmas again. I always find the rows a little cramped with the seasonal items which makes me look forward to the coming months.

As much as I don’t particularly love thrifting during the holiday seasons, it has continually been when I score big. I also had a 30% off coupon to use up – if you have a full card, these can be used until December 31, this is your reminder to use them!

Here’s what I spotted:


Matt & Nat purse $15. If you’ve been following along, I’ve seen a tonne of Matt & Nat items my last few times. This one is from the most recent collections and had some light scuffs that could likely be cleaned, it was my favourite style seen so far and a decent price.


Sam Eldeman ballet flats $18.



J Crew skirt $8. I considered this one for either myself, though I’m not really a skirt person or for sourcing. In the end, I left it behind as there were other treasures to be found.



Kimchi Blue tunic $15.



Max Studio dress $15, my favourite shade of green with a sweet bird pattern.



I LOVED this BCBG colour block dress in yellow/blue but was too small. I really hope one of my readers pick this up!



Office appropriate Banana Republic dress $20.


Unfortunately the pocket details of this Ellen Tracey dress $18 did not photograph well, another classy office appropriate dress.



Babaton coat $15. I know I’m probably insane for leaving this one behind, especially with its retail value on eBay but this is where you thank me for writing about these thrift hauls so you can rush out and get this great fashion forward jacket! To set the record straight, I’m a bit of a hippy and don’t own a car, it’s why I always shop at the Whyte Ave location – this coat was a bit too heavy for my stroll home. Now, go get it!


Hudsons Bay Company Canada Olympic jacket definitely crossed my mind for sourcing!



Soïa & Kyo jacket $18, I see this brand frequently when I thrift.


These long style vests are quite fashion forward currently but I didn’t love this one on me.



Everything about this blazer was beautiful, unfortunately it was a bit too big. The brand, Circle of Gentlemen has a high price point on eBay for its men’s shirts but there was nothing to be found for women or blazers. Hope this one goes to a great home, it’s beautiful!



Michael Kors blazer $8, tempting.

Here’s what came home with me:




Lovely details on this Banana Republic blazer and it fit like a glove.



Maison Scotch little black dress. This one is body con but the material is also like wearing Spanx so I should be able to get some wear out of it. If not, Maison Scotch sells well for me online.


I had already looked through the purse section and was just checking my phone, when all of a sudden I glanced over and saw the Kate Spade logo! Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention to the brown tone purses but the way the logo was just glaring at me, it was calling out to me! This one is a classic design and not too girly for my liking so I may end up keeping it after a good cleaning. It’s not in the best condition but not terrible either and this is the first time I’ve thrifted a Kate Spade bag or even spotted one!



I was just about to leave when I spotted these Manitobah Mukluks in the men’s section, these are in perfect condition and though I was worried the size 11 would be difficult to sell, a quick search (the website I use for seeing what price items actually sell at), proved my worries away. These sell for $270 brand new and retain their resale value!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I look forward to what the thrifting Gods will send my way next year! On a personal note, I am planning for some changes to come in the new year and although these changes may be stressful, I am feeling that it will actually be a step in a better direction for me. Maybe I’m feeling the hope of what a new year will bring or the energy of the impending year of the Rooster, my Chinese zodiac sign but I do plan for it to be a successful year ahead regardless of change. After all, how do we grow and become better versions of ourselves without change?!

PS. I have a Pinterest page that I’ve recently updated, follow me there for more thrifting tips, DIY’s and thrifting finds! I’m also pinning informative and inspirational messages on sustainability.

Thanks for reading, until the next thrift!


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