Value Village – December 2016 Part II

Lately I’ve been thrifting about every two weeks as I not only enjoy it but also am putting more care into buying for sourcing so that everything I buy is especially curated.

We all have our routines when thrifting and I’ll put everything I’m interested in into my basket and then do an edit of the end so that I’m not overly advantageous with my spending.

Here’s what I spotted on my second thrift haul of the month. I went on a Friday afternoon and the store was a bit noisy and packed, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. I need my space, quiet time and freedom when I shop and I’m pretty sure there was a lady who was interested in something in my basket because we kept crossing paths in all sections of the store.

img_8308Hello DJ Tanner! Lip phone from the 80s, $14.


img_8367Milk glass love.

img_8311This was a retro vase by Vitrock, although cool, it had very little resale value on eBay.

img_8313Lovely clay vase, this was one of my edits at the end, $10.

img_8316Great decor pieces.

img_8321It’s very interesting that macrame and shell hangings are all the rage again.

img_8319Strawberry Shortcake lamp, what a treasure, $15.


img_8324My heart skipped a beat when I saw these Doc Marten pointy toe boots but one of them was missing the tongue. I thought it was a lost cause but in talking with my shoe maker friend, it is completely fixable! Darn! So keep this in mind that if something needs repairs; first ask for a discount, then take it in for repair and ensure it is fixable. If it’s not or even too costly for your consideration, you can then return the item to the store.


img_8327Miz Mooz booties, $20.

img_8333MJUS sandles $15.

img_8330Cole Haan, Maria Sharapova flats, $12. I’m glad I saw these as I’ve been looking at a couple pairs of Cole Haan flats on eBay but I didn’t particularly like the sole on these.



img_8340Just like my last visit, many Matt & Nat pieces to be found.


img_8339Two very nice and nearly new The Sak purses.


img_8335I really wanted to try this 7 For All of Mankind shirt but the zipper was busted that I couldn’t really put it on to be sure.

img_8358J Crew sweater $13.

img_8359Isaac Mizrahi sweater $9.

img_8362Lady & The Tramp sweater, this was kinda cute because it was a high low fit.

img_8356I definitely considered this ‘blouse’, as office wear is one I don’t purchase often – I find much of it too confining. However, I didn’t love it enough for $25 which is a very high price in the thrift world.


img_8337Boss silk blazer $10.


img_8343Theory dress, $9, a favourite brand of mine.

img_8346Adorable skirt, I believe was an Anthropologie brand.

img_8353Billabong poncho.

img_8351Gap coat, $22.

img_8352Only brand faux leather jacket $30. I definitely considered this, it was in great condition, fit nicely but I didn’t love it, it was a like for me.

img_8348What did I find among the Ben Sherman and Pilcro and the Letterpress pants? Keep reading, here’s what came home with me:

img_8366I scooped this interesting owl mug up instantly, I knew it looked very Anthropologie and a quick Internet search proved right. Best part about this, it was 99 cents! Insert Macklemore, Thrift Shop song here.

img_8314Small clay jar with spoon $2. I really need this for some of the loose spices I use regularly.

img_8322Hand knotted authentic Yörük Kilim runner rug, nice condition $15. Rugs from far away lands are my deepest love affair, though they are never seen at the thrift stores (I hear that Florida is the place for finding these frequently on the cheap from all the estate sales). This is a nice sized runner that has great resale value around $100 to even $300 but I will be cleaning it and keeping it for awhile.

img_8361J Crew pear sweater $9.



img_8355This one is a bit hard to photograph in store but it’s one of those long sweaters with the high slits. As soon as I put it on, I instantly understood why they are so popular – very fashion forward and cozy. This sweater is currently drying on my drying rack and I know will be apart of my regular weekend outfits this winter.


img_8350I’ve been pretty fortunate finding Rag & Bone a few times.

img_8371All rugs must be cat approved, this one passed the test. I hope to do a few more thrift hauls during the holiday break and although I usually stick to one store, I’d love to venture out to explore more. One must keep an open mind when thrifting as well as the locations they visit, there are always treasures to be found.


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