What’s in my preloved bag?

Women tend to have an on going laugh about the things we find in our purses. Our bags become an abyss of treasures and memories – I’m pretty sure I currently have glow sticks from last night’s Christmas party in my bag right now. As odd and funny these objects we find in our bags tend to be, they become very heavy to carry along with us that bag clean outs are like mini cleanses for our souls.

A soulful purse clean out is what I have recently gone through, the inspiration was to finally use the wallet and change purse I bought in an artisan marketplace in Santiago, Chile two years ago. The leather products one can purchase in those regions of South America are one of the best in the world and I personally find it both important plus inspiring to shop and support the local craftsmanship as much as possible.



I also changed out my massive key chain that I had previously for a simple but elegant key chain from local crafter, Frog Alley with my Chinese zodiac coin, the Rooster.



My Marc Jacobs purse is one I purchased secondhand from The Upside, I love it but the metal details make it heavy enough on its own. Changing out my wallet and key chain has made a vast difference in not only weight but also every time I pull out one of them, I have a little moment of brightness and appreciation added to my day.



We often don’t give the same care and attention to the contents of our bags as we do our homes or wardrobes but considering these are things we carry along with us and use on a daily basis, is it time for a bag overhaul for yourself as well?


Photos taken at Zocalo.

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