Value Village – December 2015

For my last thrift of the year I decided to take a risk and head to Value Village on Christmas Eve. It ended up being a very good risk since the store was quite quiet as compared to what the roads, malls, grocery stores would have been like. I think I will have to make it a yearly tradition! It ended up being a quick visit as I too wanted to get home but it was very lucrative in the short amount of time!

Here’s what I spotted:

20151224_142106Pier 1 chinoiserie vase. So beautiful $5.

20151224_142728Mason jar glasses $4 for the set. I know so many people who would love these.

20151224_144412Chinese silk throw pillows in perfect condition $4.

20151224_144735Creative Reaction sneakers $15. This is a very popular brand of shoes found in stores like Gravity Pope, I believe this style is actually men’s but these shoes retail for well over $100.

20151224_144842Diesel sneakers $8. These are in great condition, I have a couple pairs from this same season of theirs.

20151224_145044Tahari heels, perfect condition $13.

20151224_145821Handmade Indian slippers $7. Works of art.

20151224_154738J. Crew Excursion Vest. If you are on Instagram or Pinterest, you know that this vest is probably the most popular thing on there this year. This was a beautiful coral colour $13 but too big for me. These retail and resell for well over $100!

20151224_155545H&M blazer $9. Sadly, I could not get my arms through the sleeves… too much Crossfit!

20151224_160021Karma Wear yoga sweater $8. This is a popular Canadian company, I love their styles but I have way too much of it already!

20151224_160445Victoria’s Secret sport bra $8.

20151224_161204Kinda loved this vintage sweater $9.

And now for my purchases:

20151224_143041Depression Era amber glass dish $3. I can’t pass these up, I’m working on a pretty nice collection right now.

20151224_143531Marc Jacobs purse $10! This was stuffed into a row of purses and I of course noticed the stitching right away and then my heart stopped. Marc Jacobs is my favourite! This bag was in perfect condition!

20151224_145230Handmade Indian slipper, these were so beautiful. I will just wear them around the house as they are not the most comfortable but I was in awe of their beauty and workmanship $7.


20151224_150432Portofino Chaussures perfect condition $20. These retail for around $200 and are something I would never buy retail but this is why I love thrifting as it allows you the opportunity to try new styles for cheap!

20151224_153006-1Joe brand heart sweater $5.


20151224_155348-1Jones NY blazer $8. Ok, yes this is a crazy pattern but it matched my outfit and fit like a glove.


20151224_153818-1Vintage Jeremy Scott vegan leather with fox fur trim, made in Canada $35. Jeremy Scott is the current Creative Designer of Moschino but in my research about this jacket I also discovered that there was a Jeremy Scott who designed for the 80’s women’s wear store Braemar. Was this the same Jeremy Scott? Unknown but if you know the current very-out-there designs of Moschino you would think not. Either way, this jacket was gorgeous and as I was trying it on a couple people stopped me to mention how nice it looked. Although this jacket is at least 25 years old, it was in great condition and a beauty!

IMG_1673Have you ever noticed that sometimes your thrift haul’s end up with matching or corresponding colour themes? I realized that I didn’t snap a pic of one sweater pictured here, a black over sized knit with brown and white specs by Kensie for $9.

I hope you enjoyed this last thrift haul for the year! Remember you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!

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