Vespucci Consignment – November 2015

I grew up shopping at consignment boutiques with my mom. As an adult, I continued shopping and taking clothing to consignment stores long before I started thrifting. I decided to do a trip to Vespucci because it’s one of Edmonton’s longest standing consignment stores and because the area where Vespucci is located is right beside Groat Bridge reconstruction and many shop owners have been saying that the bridge construction has hurt their businesses. When I was there it was a Monday afternoon and the store had many shoppers in it, which was pleasant to see. The store was having a 50% off sale that day and that is what made my shopping experience so great. Vespucci is the place in Edmonton where you can find high price point luxury brands at very affordable prices and great selection. There are a couple things I don’t love about Vespucci however; the spotlight lighting – I avoid some sections because it’s either too bright or casts shadows which makes it hard to see, organizing clothing by colour instead of by size makes it more overwhelming and time consuming than it should be and lastly, that they do not give back items to consignors if the items don’t sell though there are many consignors who don’t mind this policy because the store is very full with options.

Here’s what I spotted:20151109_140307


I had a good laugh when I spotted these Nine West pumps as I had seen them at Value Village on my last thrift haul! They had the original tag from Who Cares still on them at $130 and were priced at $58.

20151109_140802BCBG flats $36

20151109_150550Prada boots ~$500. Brand new, these beauties were AMAZING! Sadly, I could not get them zipped up around my calves. That has never happened to me before, too much Crossfit!

20151109_152330Paul Smith booties ~$250. Beautiful!

20151109_152745Nine West wedges $36

20151109_135633Ann Klein sweater $38.

20151109_141311Bob Mackie blazer $32.

20151109_141439Danier jacket $58.

20151109_142224Zara jacket $38.

20151109_144413Calvin Klein tank $26

20151109_144035Lululemon tank $22.

20151109_143749Club Monaco leggings $42. They have a great selection.

20151109_144632Alexander Wang dress $36.

20151109_145021Rudsak dress $58.

20151109_154628Preloved dress (made from reused textiles) $88.

20151109_154659Plenty by Tracy Reese dress $88.

There are sooo many items I could have taken pictures of and definetely missed taking pictures of some items I was interested in! One could have a field day picture taking everything! It’s also important to be reminded that all these prices were half off their ticket prices which is what makes them such great deals. Here’s what I purchased:


20151109_134824I spotted these Badgley Mischka pumps as soon as I walked in! They are in perfect nearly new condition and came with the dust bag. A special purchase that I felt was a great deal at $41 ($82 store price or ~$250 brand new).


20151109_152118Cartonnier (Anthropologie) blazer $36 ($72 store price or $138 brand new).


20151109_155307Theory coat $125 ($248 store price or ~$800 brand new). I’m a sucker for a good coat and Theory is one of my favourite brands from my days working at Blu’s. I spotted this coat and the words out of my mouth were ‘gorgeous’. I kept coming back to it and then decided just to try it on. It was stunning and the 50% sale was a great incentive. I very rarely spend this much in one purchase and when I do it’s for good reason.

I hope you enjoyed this consignment shop and I would encourage you to check out Vespucci or other consignment boutiques since they are locally and independently owned. Supporting small business is just as important as supporting non profit thrift stores. They are both great for their own reasons and shopping preloved comes in many forms.

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