Intimate Thrift

When it comes to thrift shopping, we all have various levels of comfort of what we will buy preloved. I’ve heard of some people not being comfortable buying preloved shoes, some will stay away from the swimwear section, some from the bedding section…

For me, I’m pretty open as to what I will buy as long as it’s all in good condition and then for my own comfort, I will clean what I purchase in a special way, click here for my post on cleaning thrift. Though there are some items I can’t say I have purchased preloved and I’m not sure I ever will… bathing suits, bedding, underwear, socks… just to name a few. My Value Village location sells underwear though I’ve never actually looked or asked under what circumstances they put it on the sales floor. That being said, I have bought from the sleepwear section and the intimates section with good results – bra’s, camisoles, pjs and lace tights.

20150824_155244Gap polkadot pj pants and Victoria’s Secret pj set.

20150824_155838Spanx camisole and Milky Way lace leggings.

Are there any items you don’t feel comfortable buying preloved or maybe youre a little more comfortable buying from these various sections?

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Until the next thrift!

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