Gucci Thrift

I purchased this vintage Gucci belt from Value Village for $5 a couple years ago and have always been curious about it’s authenticity. Do I have any readers who are well versed in determining authentic versus knockoff?


I’m fairly good at using my instincts and previous work at a high end women’s clothing store to determine real from fake but this one has always stumped me. I have good reason to believe it’s real based on the fact that it’s real leather and stamped in a few places. The only reason why I might think it’s fake is because it was $4.99! Surely the store clerks at Value Village must have made a mistake with the price if it was real? Although I recently did find some Prada sandals for $7.99 which I also believe are real. Perhaps they just aren’t as knowledgeable in the luxury brand industry?

20150720_150329Would love your feedback on this post to solve this once and for all! Either way, $5 for a ‘probably’ vintage Gucci belt is a great deal!

Until the next thrift!

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