Strange Thrift

I love these rustic wood and rope chairs I once purchased from Value Village for $12 each but every time I look at them I am reminded of the strangest thrift shop visit I’ve ever had. I love these chairs, I know they were expensive and $12 each was a great deal so much so that it once created a very awkward situation.

I had just finished a thrift shop and went to the furniture section one more time to look at a tall Moroccan style lantern that I had seen earlier on my visit. As I was pondering over this lantern, one of the store employees was bringing out new items for the floor, and these amazing rustic chairs came out. I was in love with them instantly and when I went over to see the price, my mouth dropped at how good it was. Surely, these would have been a minimum of $50 each originally and that’s being really optimistic. I waited for the store employee to come back and told him that I would like to purchase them. When you purchase large items they write you up an invoice to take to the cashier, they then put a ‘sold’ sticker on the item and wait for when you are ready to load the item after paying. I was in the cashier’s line with my thrift items in my basket and my invoice for the chairs when all of a sudden some guy (a customer who I noticed was also eyeing my chairs while I was talking with the store employee) had my chairs in hand and was making a beeline for the front doors! I yelled at him ‘excuse me, excuse me’! Finally he stopped as my voice was beginning to make a scene. I told him that those were my chairs, I claimed them the second they came out on the floor and had an invoice to pay for them! He didn’t know what to say as he was clearly caught just about to steal them because they had the ‘sold’ sticker on them! The store employees knew I was being honest and clearly worked up at the fact that this guy was about to literally steal my chairs! All he said was ‘you can have them’ and then walked out!

Not only are these chairs gorgeous and comfortable, they were also highly sought after considering this story! All our thrift items have a story to tell but I have never had such an odd experience such as that! Have you had any strange thrift stories? I would love to hear them!

Until the next thrift!

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