Value Village – May 2015

I’m not sure if it will ever be possible to top last month’s Value Village thrift haul where I found Prada, DVF, L’Occitane en Provence… but each thrift haul has it’s own merit. This month I did two small shops instead of one big one, here’s what I spotted:


20150528_142238This tea pot was a great find since it was made in West Germany, $7

20150528_141924Loved the eclectic vibe of this mirror, $12

20150515_165608Miz Mooz flats, sadly just a bit too small, $18

20150515_170030Diesel heels, $13

20150515_170240Charles Jourdan pumps, these were amazing and would retail for around $400

20150515_170400Sam Edelman flats, $30. Some shoes are getting a bit pricey for thrift shopping

20150528_143255Dana Buchman heels, great condition but again a bit pricey for thrift, $30

20150515_165916Great vintage shoes, made in Canada, $9

20150528_151123Matt & Nat bags, $30 and $40

20150528_150700Hilary Radley purse, $10. I probably should have bought this.

20150515_175322Le SportSac bag $9

20150515_171222This Anthropologie dress was amazing but sadly, too small

20150515_171419Calvin Klein dress, $20

20150515_171916BCBG dress, $17

20150528_144055This $12 Tahari dress had very beautiful beading but with deodorant marks. Friends, please clean your garments before donating! It’s the right thing to do! The good karma thrift gods will repay you!

20150528_145100Nougat dresses, $10 and $15. I’m not sure why the different in price. Remember, you can always ask for a price adjustment on your items!

20150515_173042Had to take a picture of this vintage Ports International blouse!

20150528_150417G-Star hoodie in perfect crisp white condition! Just a bit too small, $10

20150528_160346William Rast light sweater, $6

20150528_160524Nike hoodie, $17

And now for what I purchased:

20150528_141747Another Starbucks mug to add to my collection, $5

20150528_142537Amber retro glass dish, $6


20150515_180412-1H& M dress $13


20150515_181523Wilfred Free (Aritzia) dress with cut out back, $10

20150528_150447LAMB hoodie $9, I couldn’t believe myself when I found this. This is not the first time I have seen LAMB at Value Village but it’s a rarity to find!

20150528_155758Gap sweatshirt $8. I have a thing for cozy grey sweaters.

20150528_154650Gap plaid button down, perfect for fall/winter, $6



20150528_152520-1My favourite find this month was this French Connection jacket, $10. It’s in perfect condition, has a great design, is useful for rainy days and has a great hood!

That’s all for May! Hope you enjoyed this thrift haul! Until the next thrift!

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2 Thoughts to “Value Village – May 2015”

  1. Taffy

    Wait…. you can ask for a price adjustment if you think the price is too high? Never would have occurred to me. Does that mean they have standard pricing for certain brands, so if you happen to know it (as you obviously do) you can ask if there was a mistake on the price? Wow, I’ll be reading your stuff from now on, just found your site today when I stumbled upon Peacock Boutique downtown and Googled them when I got back from lunch, and you got me here 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, you can ask for a price adjustment but they may not always allow it. I’ve only asked once on an item I was buying as a joke gift, a picture of former Premier Ralph Klein as a Ken doll (ha ha!). It was in a real wood rustic looking frame which I think was the reason they had it as $25. I told them, this is junk and they marked it down for me to $5! Yes, they do seem to have standard pricing for certain brands, for example Lululemon is always priced at $24.99 or $19.99 if its not as good condition. Ask for a lower price if you see a flaw in an item that they may have missed or if you find two of the same priced differently. The pricing is often based on who ever is working at the time and so I’ve often got luxury brand items for much cheaper than a basic brand you would find at any mall! Glad you enjoy my blog!

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