Goodwill – April 2015

I decided to venture out to a new thrift store and see what goodies could be found. I can find needles in haystacks no matter where I am so I had no reservations about what I would find at a new store – I was mainly looking for a change of pace.

I visited Goodwill in Old Strathcona, Edmonton. It’s a very small store as compared to the large stores that I am used to but for a small store, it packs a good punch. What I was most interested to learn is that some stuff is priced individually and some has a set price, for example all sweaters $7. This makes some items priced possibly higher than what I would pay at other thrift stores but also helps regulate the cost that I would usually pay at another thrift store.

So here’s what I spotted:

20150408_173045Crate & Barrel container/jar $4. I wish I would have got this, it’s so cute! Meow!

20150408_173117Great tea set $12

20150408_173428I remember these prints from about ten years ago, they were all the rage and very expensive, $45

20150408_173453Slipper chair, $25

20150408_173349(1)Sam Edelman sandals $10

20150408_173755Burton jacket $10

20150408_173952BCBG jacket $10

20150408_174329BCBG dress $8

And here’s what I purchased:

20150408_175237Top Shop sweater $7. I love this over sized sweater, I had been looking for one for years that didn’t make my petite figure look like I was wearing something too big for me. Some of the studs have fallen off the sweater and I normally don’t buy things that require fixing but because they are silver, I could paint over the plastic molds with nail polish and/or a silver sharpie and it looks as good as new!

20150408_175519Forever 21 T-Rex sweatshirt $7. I love fun sweaters!

I will definitely be back and will be checking out other Goodwill locations!

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Until the next thrift!

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