Value Village – April 2015

Once you start thrift shopping, you can’t stop. It’s been a little while since I had a good thrift shop and was definitely missing the thrift life! The return to Value Village proved to be very lucrative, as some of my Instagram follows have said, it could be the best thrift haul ever! So let’s get to it, this is what I spotted:

20150402_150129Cute little topiary $5

20150402_150948Sweet strawberry sugar holder $3

20150402_151854Wall art, I nearly purchased this, $10

20150402_152054Loved this popcorn bowl set, $12

20150402_152525Victoria’s Secret sprays $3

20150402_153124Coach runners, just need a little clean up $20

20150402_153220Moccasins in good condition, $5

20150402_153343Hispanitas, these would be about $200 new, $18

20150402_154016Interesting structure B2 heels, $18

20150402_154207Had to capture these vintage Aldo leather pumps, still in great condition, $8

20150402_154340Cole Haan (Nike Air Max) sandals, $8. These would be $200 new.

20150402_155751I was pretty close to buying this blazer, loved the details, $5

20150402_162356Calvin Klein summer maxi dress, so perfect $35

20150402_162459This Jones NY dress had the tag still on ($120) and was priced at $50. This is bad overpricing as I found many dresses that are worth more than this one even with it’s tags on. Keep reading…

20150402_162555Laundry dress, $12

20150402_162943Sisley dress $9

20150402_165753Lucky Brand hoodie $8

20150402_180727Juicy Couture shorts $7, sadly these were too small.

20150402_180752Nike crops, these were just a bit too big, $15

20150402_162855Lucky me! I found TWO DVF classic wrap dresses, this is the most popular dress of all time and very valuable new or used! The polka dots dress was $10 and in so-so condition. After MUCH debate, I left this one behind.

And now for what I purchased:

20150402_182318DVF wrap dress in pristine condition, $13

20150402_163223Clearly I have an eye for thrifting, this leopard print bag caught my eye…

20150402_163306MAC makeup/jewelry travel bag (completely clean) $7

20150402_180654Lululemon eternity scarf $10. This was in the sleeveless shirt section, a good thrifter knows the value in their error.

20150402_183750Calvin Klein shirt $5

20150402_183551-1Looks better on than on the hanger!

20150402_183054Hello Kitty sweatshirt, from Old Navy, $5

20150402_153641BCBG pumps $20

20150402_154944Prada sandals $8. Although I did see a lot of knockoff items priced way too high, these are real and so cheap!

20150402_152550L’Occitane hand wash and lotion, full bottles, $5 for both

20150402_151428Ritzenhoff glasses by three different artists, $1 each! These are lovely and are great for resale as all versions are much sought after.

20150403_114442My thrift haul came to a total of $79.16 (missing from this pic is the Calvin Klein shirt – oops)!

There you have it! Thrift haul for April completed with all amazing brands in perfect condition and great resale value as well! I love the thrift life!

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Until the next thrift!

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2 Thoughts to “Value Village – April 2015”

  1. […] Village must have made a mistake with the price if it was real? Although I recently did find some Prada sandals for $7.99 which I also believe are real. Perhaps they just aren’t as knowledgeable in […]

  2. Haha, I recently thrifted a Hello Kitty t-shirt too. I also found that exact same green DVF dress at our Value a few months ago but it was $39.99. It wasn’t even going for that much on eBay! So I left it. The dresses at Value are sooo overpriced. Even Gap and Joe Fresh dresses are priced at $19.99 sometimes. Also funny, I had those same BCBG shoes but in the wedge version that I sold a few years ago.

    I luuuurrrve that strawberry sugar holder and those Ritzenhoff glasses. Exactly my kind of kitsch.

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