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I’ve wanted to write this post on how I clean my thrift store finds for quite some time. Many people don’t thrift because they don’t like other people’s used stuff, think it’s dirty or smells, believe there is something wrong with the item etc. These are all some of the reasons why I started this blog to inspire others on the wonderful world of thrifting because all of those reasons are myths.

When buying new we often don’t think that the item has never been properly washed and how many people have tried on our item before we take it home and wear it with the mindset that it’s new so it must be clean. Consignment stores are very particular on thoroughly looking over an item to make sure it’s clean and all features work, I’ve even seen some stores require that all items be dry cleaned. Thrift stores don’t guarantee items are clean and in working condition but I’ve never had any issues. At worst, I once found a Kleenex in a pocket and all electronic items can be tested in the store plus if there is an issue once you bring it home, you can bring it back.

I clean absolutely everything I buy preloved in different ways since I want to ensure all items are as clean as possible and to cleanse the energy of previous owners that the item may carry. This is how I clean thrift:


20150216_151209The most thrifted items are always clothes, those are pretty easy to clean but my rule is, the second I bring it home, all tags come off and into the laundry bin it goes! This also gives me a chance to see how an item washes as I am very picky about not buying items that are dry clean only or that require ironing – wash and wear is what fits into my lifestyle.


20150216_145538For items that can’t be thrown in the wash like purses, shoes, household decor and furniture… I will clean those with an essential oil and water spray (tea tree oil is a great disinfectant option) that I always have on hand. I will then vacuum the item and of course clean all shoes until they are to my comfort level. I basically spray anything and everything with my essential oil and water spray to bring a sense of renewal to freshen all items.


20150216_144123Kitchen items are like clothing and they go into the sink as soon as I get them home. I’m a bit OCD with my kitchen items whether I eat off of them or not since I like to wash them three times until I feel comfortable finding them a place in my home.


20150216_150612Finally, a really unique but possibly the most important way I cleanse my preloved finds is by smudging with sage, an indigenous practice of cleansing the old energies of an item or a space (do this when moving into a new home as well) with the smoke of a dried sage bundle. I’ve only done this for a few preloved items I’ve brought home such as a couch or authentic and well loved mukluks.

Are there any special ways that you clean and cleanse your preloved finds? I’d love to hear about them! Thrifting is a wonderful opportunity to keep items out of landfills, save money and give all things a long lifespan. Give thrifting a try with these cleansing ideas!

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Until the next thrift!


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  1. Ali

    When an item isn’t washer friendly I throw it in my deep freeze for a week.

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