Value Village – January 2015

After taking a break from Value Village over Halloween and Christmas as well as my month long vacation in Chile, it was great to get back to my favourite Value Village location! The January thrifting season has proven to be a gold mine, here’s what I spotted and purchased!

20150130_155315Starbucks mugs are something I always thrift for. I bought the two in the right row, $5 each.

20150130_154625Sid Dickens wall tiles, these retail for over $100. All three of these are from retired collections from the late 1990’s. I bought Red Hearts for $7 and surprisingly this isn’t the first time that I have seen Sid Dickens tiles at Value Village!

20150114_172826I’m a lover of vintage coloured glass dishes. I use these to hold makeup or jewelry.

20150114_181107Only t-shirt $7. How cute, right?!

20150130_175920Forever 21 dress, $15. I’m finding the dress section a bit over priced lately but the shape of this dress really flatters my broad shoulders. I love it!

20150130_173119Amazing score – HBC Olympic collection knit cardigan $12. I believe these retailed for about $100 and this one was in great condition as well!

20150130_181843Climatic vintage jacket $15. Even though this jacket is vintage, it has modern clean lines is incredibly well made that it’s perfect for fall and winter especially with how thick the material is. I couldn’t walk away from this one!

20150114_183454Alfred Sung flannel plaid $5. With the sleeves rolled up, this is a perfect winter season shirt. Don’t mind my skull socks!

Great finds right?! And here are more great things I spotted this month including the most overpriced and weirdest items to date:

20150114_172710Cute shell plate $4.

20150130_164338Anthropologie belt with tags on (but price cut off) $5.

20150130_162111This is the only way I would consider fur or moccasins – preloved and the real deal. Handmade mukluks, $34.

20150130_162643Hilary Radley leather boots, perfect condition, $34. Sadly, a little too big for me.

20150130_164230Gap trench coat in beautiful brand new condition, $10. I wish this fit me!

20150114_174154BCBG blazer, $14.

20150114_175308Alyn Paige dress, $13.

20150130_170036BCBG dress $18. Although it doesn’t hang well, this dress looks great on as this style was a dress my best friend was considering for bridesmaids dresses. It was about $200 retail price a couple years ago.

20150114_175842And now for the most over priced item I’ve seen yet. This dress caught my eye right away, it was stunning and the material was really cool. Then I noticed the Anthropologie hang tag…

20150114_180006The price was $80, which I don’t think I’ve seen any clothing priced so high at Value Village in all my years shopping there. But the original price had been ripped off so there was no justification for their overly high price. When I posted this picture on Instagram, it created quite a roar with my fellow thrifters!

And now for the weirdest thing I have ever seen at Value Village. It’s super creepy so be warned!

20150130_180723A dead frog purse, $10. There is a little zipper on the underside to put things inside the full frog body. This just pains me in so many ways. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen thrifted?

Although this purse is deeply disturbing, there were so many more items that I took pictures of and left at the store so, it’s definitely a great time to go on a thrifting date! Remember, you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!

Until the next thrift!

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  1. Sarah Brawley

    I see that you found Sid Dickens tiles at the Thrift Store. Are you willing to sell them? Please e-mail if you are. =)

    Thank you,

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