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I recently spent a month in Santiago, Chile (ps. I loved it) and when I’m on vacation there are a couple things that I love doing: biking, yoga, eating at all the best restaurants and thrift shopping!

I really didn’t think that the preloved lifestyle would be something that was popular in Santiago, boy was I ever wrong! I came across open air markets of antiques, entire antique shopping centres in the middle of the financial district, trendy neighbourhoods built around antique shopping and rows of consignment stores on many main streets.

Many of the consignment stores that I passed by on my walks were visually merchandised like any other clothing store so much so that I didn’t realize many of them were in fact consignment stores until I did a search on Yelp. I checked out a couple antique markets and consignment stores during my vacation and although I did find them a bit expensive for how mainstream they were, I did end up making a Santiago thrift purchase.


photo (2)This antique market in the municipality of Las Condes (Santiago) was beautiful but very expensive. Many items were from North America and England.




photo-7Placard is a cute little retro/vintage clothing shop and handmade gift shop in the amazing artistic coastal city of Valparaiso.

photo-8Loved these Andean pattern booties. Too bad they weren’t in my size.

photo-9Placard was even attached to a great little cafe. Vintage shop/cafe, why don’t we have more of these in Canada!

photo(3)Vintage is a huge consignment store chain as well as a huge store within itself! They had both men’s and women’s.


photo (3)I tried on this Jessica Simpson dress ($24 CDN) but it ended up being a little too tight for me.

photo-1 (3)Balmaceda Brasil was an amazing antique warehouse where furniture was restored and updated. There was so much stuff here that it had to be stacked one on top of another. We even found authentic snowshoes which were cool reminders of home!

photo-2 (3)

photo-3 (3)



photo-5Orange Blue was a small consignment store with both men’s and women’s but what I found interesting was that they had a section that was specifically for Zara and many people were coming in just to check out the Zara racks. There are Zara stores in Chile but it must be a very popular brand whether it’s new or preloved.

photo-6I purchased this Zara navy and white dress for $24 plus 20% off. I love the metal details on the cuffs and collar of the dress.

I hope you enjoyed this thrift vacation post of the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile! Remember you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram!

Until the next thrift!

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