2014 Green Beauty Top 5

Green beauty has long been something I’ve always loved and recently I started blogging about it. As I think back to all the new green beauty items I’ve discovered this year, its hard to narrow it down to just a few favourites! But there are definitely a couple that stand out above the rest and here’s why:



1. EarthSun
This is my top product for 2014 by a long shot and a disclaimer is needed here because I first discovered this product through my mom who was interested in being the sales rep for the area, she wanted to know my thoughts on it so I gave it a try. I’m very clear about what I think is just ok, what I don’t love and what I really love and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from EarthSun so I tried it with no expectations. The product is a green-ish colour and the texture looks hard at first glance but as soon as I dipped my finger into it and it melted on my face with a cocoa smell, I knew I loved it. It melted and dried into my skin very quickly and as I continued to use this everyday, I loved it even more. It made my skin very clear and considering that I have dry skin that often gets too familiar to a product that it soon stops working for me, EarthSun keeps it very, very moisturized. And here’s the best part as to why I love it so much; I didn’t burn once this summer. In the summer time, burns are expected and I wore this everyday and especially on days when I would go out the entire day on a 100km bike ride. EarthSun is so light on your skin and works as a sunscreen, moisturizer and detox that you don’t need to put on a bunch of different products, it does it all! EarthSun is organic, fair trade, raw, food grade and made in British Columbia, Canada. My mom is currently the Edmonton and northern Alberta sales rep but trust me when I say that I wouldn’t give it such praise as not just my favourite green beauty product of 2014 but likely one of my favourite products of all time, if I didn’t truly believe it. EarthSun comes in three different packages, each detailing the three ways it helps the skin; BioSheild (detox), Beleia (skin food) and SunSheer (uv protection) but all three products are the same product, just marketed different ways. The jar lasts me over six months, even with a little more use in the summer on my chest and top of the hands. All in all, this product is a must have for anyone!

To buy: $28 – If you’re in the Edmonton area, please contact my mom for product sales or wholesale inquiries: earthsunskincare@gmail.com. It’s also available at Teaz Pleaz at Mother’s Farmers Market, Edmonton. All other areas and inquiries, please visit www.earthforthesun.ca



2. Sappho Organics, Liquid Foundation

I started hearing about Sappho Organics from Vancouver, Canada this fall to great reviews and the more great reviews that I read, I knew I had to try it. What I love about this foundation is the thorough but light coverage, it’s vegan, contains no chemicals and smells heavenly. I love putting on my make up in the morning because of how pretty it smells from the essential oils it contains and how nicely it glides on the skin. Highly recommend! All the reviews are right, you will love it! Time to toss your drugstore or cosmetic counter brand of foundation, natural makeup does work!

To buy: $48 – In Edmonton, I’ve seen it at Pose Salon and Optimum Health or purchase from my favourite online green beauty retailer, Nuciya! Check out Sappho’s website for more great products and an abundance of green beauty info! sapphoorganics.ca



3. Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Sport Bath Salt

This year, I started crossfit and was quite sore after my first month of training. The first time I tried these salts was when I won an Earth Day gift basket from Rocky Mountain Soap Company and Southgate Mall. The secret to alleviating muscle soreness from these salts is to soak in them (entire small package or 1/2 cup) right after a work out and you will not feel any muscle soreness the next day! As someone who is a bath and epsom salt junkie, I’ve never experience results that well before! I buy the large jar container every few months and these salts are a staple in my bathroom that I’ve now given them a pretty glass jar on my shelf. Made with rosemary and lemongrass so each bath is also very clearing for the sinuses, Rocky Mountain Soap Company is made in Canmore, Alberta with as little environmental impact as possible – natural, no chemicals and not tested on animals.

To buy: $5 or $19 – although Albertans can find this brand in many grocery stores and gift shops, I recommend heading to a store and seeing all their other great body products and refurbished store materials, they may even hook you up with some product samples! www.rockymountainsoap.com



4. My Daughter Fragrances, Joyful

I think I first heard about My Daughter Fragrances from Nuciya and then Jillian Harris and then another blog and so on! Word spread quickly about this brand, a beautifully packaged fragrance made from the oil of flowers compounded in France and then bottled in the Edmonton, Alberta area! My personal perfume style is dark, mysterious and musky so I really didn’t think that I would like this perfume but I was pleasantly surprised! My Daughter has two fragrances, Joyful and Always Loved and in reading the ingredients of Always Loved, I thought it would be the one I would like the most but I like Joyful the most since it seems to be more potent on me. This is one of my top five favourite items because it’s a creative product that I haven’t seen before in the green beauty industry, is a local company and because wearing this fragrance actually makes me HAPPY! I currently only have tester bottles of My Daughter Fragrances but a full bottle for my perfume table is on my wish list! Made without phthalates or parabens and instead made with essential oils and absolutes and of course cruelty free! Now, when I look at the ingredients and dedication of the My Daughter brand, I wonder what horrors are in the bottles of my non green perfumes!

To buy: $22/$85 – I buy mine from Nuciya but am also starting to see some local gift shops carry it. Check out My Daughter for all the info! www.mydaughterfragrance.com



5. Product of Science & Art, soaps

I’m a bit old fashioned in that I never use body wash and much prefer soaps for showers and baths. The lathering of parabens is what gives most body washes their toxicity content but overall, I just prefer the pretty sights and smells of locally made soaps. You can find a soap maker anywhere you go and I found this company at one of my farmers markets this summer. I was drawn to them for their beautiful products with whole herbs, fruits and flowers in the soap bars. They also smelled heavenly and in talking to the soap maker herself, she was very confident in her product and as the name says a true product of science and art. I loved using this soap and they would make beautiful gifts! Made with recognizable and sustainable ingredients such as local canola oil, local and organic hempseed oil, colours from herbs and spices, the lists go on and can all be found on their website or in talking to the soap maker! She cuts the bars of soap for you right then and there and advises that her products not be replicated because much knowledge has gone into her work and it’s a statement I would support. We need to keep our local producers and educators in business with our buying power!

To buy: $6/4 for $20 – City Centre Farmers Market, Edmonton (summer), Mothers Farmer’s Market, Edmonton (winter) or check their website for more locations in Alberta and British Columbia. psashop.ca


Now that I’ve mentioned my top five favourite green beauty products that I’ve discovered this year, I realize that they all have a theme; made in Alberta or British Columbia, Canada. This wasn’t my intention but just a great coincidence! Supporting local sustains our economies, grows communities and lowers emissions from the transportation of products to you. There is however, one product that I really wanted to put on this list but only lost out in order to add some variety to the list. Honourable mention goes to a product from California:


Honourable Mention: 100% Pure, Fruit Pigmented Mascara

100% Pure is a company I’ve known and loved for many years. Their body lotions are heaven (actually that’s an understatement) and they are very passionate about animal rights and proudly being cruelty free. All their products are plant based and very unique! I first purchased this brand at a local store but the store also said they didn’t find the makeup line very good so they wouldn’t be carrying it. I then was lead to believe the same for many years – how good could makeup from plants be anyways, right?! Wrong! Very wrong! I decided to give this mascara a try after seeing a favourable video review from a very fashionable blogger who seemed like she would only like the best of the best, I also wanted to consciously incorporate green beauty into my life in all products. It comes in Black Tea or Dark Chocolate colours/scents/ingredients, I’ve only used the Black Tea formula. What I love about this mascara is its fruity tea smell (another product I look forward to applying each morning), it’s a very pigmented formula and the fact that I accidentally got some in my eye and it didn’t sting and easily absorbed away with a couple blinks of the eye, that’s how I knew it was a truly safe product – can you say that about any drugstore brand? Made in California (where they also have stores) and sold all over the world, this brand is always growing!

To buy: $26 – I buy the mascara from Nuciya but it can also be purchased on their website. www.100percentpure.com

I hope I provided you with some great ideas for gifts or to use for your own green beauty routines. I’d love to hear some of your favourites for the year! Next up, my favourite preloved items purchased this year!

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Until the next post!

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