Value Village – November 2014

It’s been a few months since my last Value Village thrift date as I usually stay away during the Halloween season. Many of my fellow thrifters have the same sentiments about Halloween season – it brings in too many non thrifters, kinda like how locals tend to be frustrated with tourists in popular locations of the world. While it was great to be back, the store has already switched over to its Christmas season and I was reminded that I don’t particularly like this season at Value Village either. Like Halloween, the store brings in a lot of brand new/non thrifted items but also has a large Christmas themed area of thrifted items donated through the year. There is then limited room in the store and items such as purses, scarves, hats and more brand new Christmas decor items hang above or on a ledge over the regular clothing racks. The items above get caught in the racks and ruined or in the way of your searching and trust me, serious thrifters need clear space to get the job done. Overall, its a little too much and I will wait until the new year for everything to go back to happy thrifting land!

 20141107_190726Brand new items hang too close to racks.

20141107_191507Thrifted scarves hang down too close and get caught or damaged.

Now lets get to what I spotted on this month’s excursion:

20141107_172535Maxwell & Williams Rococo mug set $7. Found two sets of Maxwell Williams mugs, this set retails for $25 at Hudson’s Bay.

20141107_172649Maxwell & Williams Nitelife mug set. I have the Kimono set from a long ago thrift find so it was great to see this brand of mugs again!

20141107_173425Great vase, $8. Was very tempted to get this!

20141107_172108I wish I would have bought this bowl! So pretty and only $3.

20141107_172235I have a love for random glass bottles. These were $3 each.

20141107_171838I’ve seen these retro kitchen container box sets on a few occasions. When I find the perfect one, it will be mine. This one for $8 was in quite nice condition and these retail for more than quadruple the price at retro boutiques.

20141107_174154Scentsy scent warmer, $15.

20141107_174356Still thinking about these chairs, $7 each. Perfect for the office.

20141107_174723Bath & Body Works products, $6.

20141107_171605Body Shop products, $5. I definitely think these baggie sections are underrated!

20141107_174010O’Neill bag, $6. Quite liked this bag for summer.

20141107_174946UGG moccasins $30. Not my size but a good find. If you are going to buy fur/leather/wool, thrifted is the way to go.

20141107_175314Nine West kitten heels, $12. I remember this pattern from about ten years ago.

20141107_175632Kids TOMS $11, good find!

20141107_180149Buffalo coat $30. A little too high of a price for this coat because of its condition and comparable coats are priced much lower. Always ask for a lower price if you disagree with the tagged price. I have gotten a picture priced at $25 for $5 when I brought it up to the Manager.

20141107_180520Banana Republic sheath dress $20. The dress section is getting a bit pricey in my opinion, anyone else feeling this way?

20141107_180652Very sexy Ralph Lauren dress with rhinestone straps, perfect for the holiday season, $20.

20141107_182837Adrienne Vittadini blazer, $10.

20141107_184315Lululemon pullover, $25.

20141107_183756Lululemon dress, $20.

20141107_182445Victoria’s Secret pajama set, $12. I have purchased VS pj’s before in perfect condition and they are my favourites. This section tends to be bypassed. Always keep an open mind when thrifting!

20141107_193245Donna Karan sweater, $10. Really liked this but the mushroom colour is not good for my light skin tone.

And now for what I purchased:

20141107_192720Adidas shirt, $6. Will get a lot of use out of this for Crossfit.

20141107_192652Green Envelope Los Angeles tank, $6.

20141107_192958Roots shirt with elbow pads, $8. Roots is one of my favourite brands and I rarely see it while thrifting.

20141107_181725Ivy & Blu lace dress, $8. I never buy dry clean only items but decided to let that rule slide for this dress. I originally thought it was from Anthropologie but a quick internet search lead me to Nordstrom. The price was really great compared to some of their other dress prices and since I live in dresses during the summer, I know that I will make good use of this dress.

20141107_193749-2Ivy & Blu dress, $8. Don’t mind my Converse shoes!

20141107_181027Peter Pilotto for Target dress, $13. I see these all over social media, it was great to find one in real life!

20141107_194228-1Peter Pilotto dress, $13. I was undecided about this dress but with the right accessories, I think it could be great!

20141107_195057I used my full stamp card from bringing in six bags of donated items for 30% off these purchases. My total came to $50 (i also purchased a Christmas gift) and with the discount, the final price ended up being $35 for six items! A great night spent!

Until the next thrift!

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2 Thoughts to “Value Village – November 2014”

  1. Good review and great scores – both dresses are great but that blue lace is amazing! I agree the dresses are pricey lately. I tend to bypass anything over $17 which I still won’t pay unless I have a discount card and it’s a high-quality brand. The thing that bothers me most is all the red-tag new garbage-quality merchandise. My filled sticker and stamp cards will get me in the doors to look for some specific scond-hand pieces but otherwise, like you, for the next couple months I will be focusing on other thrift stores. Great read!! And BTW one day we should team up for some kind of joint YEG thrifting adventure!! Nicole

    1. Jennifer

      I too do not like that they sell their own brand new items. Another consignment store in the city does this and I have mentioned that it does not feel right as it takes away the purpose of the store and sales from their consignors. Yes, would love to team up one day, though the thought of being in the public spotlight does make me all sweaty, I have to learn to embrace it and do more networking!

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