Trend Trunk Review In Depth

Earlier this year, I reviewed Trend Trunk a little after discovering this online consignment shop (read my first review here). A lot has occurred since then that has given me a better feel for this website and I regularly promote it on my Facebook and Instagram pages, so much so that it should be discussed more in depth. So here we go!

Trend Trunk is a Canadian online consignment shop – and we Canadians who often always lose out to the many amazing American online shops are very grateful that something unique and fitted towards us has been created! I discovered Trend Trunk through a late night Pinterest session and I felt like I had just found a gold mine. I researched everything about the website, looking for all the pros and cons and even watched their segment from Dragons Den (apparently the deal eventually fell through after the show).


The basic info:

* All prices include shipping. This is $8 and is included into the shown price, so if I want to list an item for $20, Trend Trunk will automatically show the price as $28, which then can potentially make it seem like a seller is asking too much. I like to price my item slightly lower than my preferred asking price – hey, everyone loves a deal! I will price my item as $12 and then the Trend Trunk price becomes $20.

* Trend Trunk only takes 20% of the sale. For me, someone with lots of consignment store selling experience, I find this a very fair percentage. Brick and mortar consignment stores usually take 40-60% of the sale.

* Sellers can choose if they wish to donate a percentage of their sales to their favourite causes, non profits and charities through their Closets & Causes  feature.

* The variety on Trend Trunk is pretty great, it has become my go-to site for regularly looking up the brands I always search for when buying preloved (Lululemon, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, Roots… just to name a few). I like it because Trend Trunk is not yet quite as well known as Kijiji so I don’t have to compete with as many people when I spot something that is too good to be true. Trend Trunk being less known, is both a good thing and bad, that being said I still promote it as much as I can since to my observation, there are more sellers than sales occurring and both need to be promoted to keep Trend Trunk as a great resource. It took some time for my first sale to occur but as of this post, I have now bought four items (one clothing, one makeup and two jewelry items) and sold nine in my 10 months experience on Trend Trunk and all with no issues.

* The convenience and intuitiveness of Trend Trunk is what is the real winner for me. I can’t tell you how much time I have spent when dealing with Kijiji sales from the back and forth emails of questions, to figuring out a time to meet, to changing schedules to meet a seller or buyer, the travel time to the seller’s location and even sellers selling the item you are scheduled to purchase to someone else, the headaches go on! Trend Trunk takes this all away. If someone is truly interested in your item, they just click the Buy Now button and bam! Sold! Buyers can choose how to pay – either by the usual credit card option or by debit (so thankful for this option, its how I pay for all things in life) or the final option is with their Trend Trunk credit from their own sales. I actually haven’t ‘paid’ for my last two purchases and still have quite a nice credit balance for future purchases. When an item is sold, all sellers have to do is print off the mailing label that is sent from Trend Trunk with the buyer’s name, address and Canada Post bar code, attach the label to the package and take the package to the post office for an easy scan and then Canada Post handles it from there. Tracking is provided so you can follow your package all the way! Once buyers receive the package, they then release the funds held in escrow to the seller with one easy click of the button to finalize the transaction.

20140725_173836My favourite purchase from Trend Trunk – gold Swatch Watch, $46 (my bangles are from Value Village)

Some of the unique ways I use Trend Trunk are that I have my closet priced with nothing more than $50, I like to include pics of the washing instructions of garments, I use recycled packaging when shipping my sales, I like to include a thank you note in with my purchases and I have learned to never say no to a (reasonable) offer but I give the potential buyer a time limit on that offer. If they are serious, they will buy. If a seller declines an offer, then the item just sits there waiting for those extra few dollars – it costs the seller more money and space to hold on to that item, might as well let it go! Though, my personal belief is not to ask for a lower price on something I’m interested in, I may add it to my Lust List (a save section) and watch the item. If the seller decides to lower the price, all those who have the item ‘lusted’ will be notified. I have sold both through the ‘Buy Now’ button and when a buyer wanted me to bundle the items (so that they only pay for one shipping cost when buying more than one item from your closet) or when a buyer asked for a lower price. All in all, I sell! It may not be everyday and there are definitely lulls but sometimes you have three sales in one week (this happened to me recently). Selling on Trend Trunk has been my current preferred way of selling preloved, that I have purchased a Judy to use in some of my pictures and organized a closet space for all the items I sell online in my office.

20141031_144957J. Crew necklace, another favourite Trend Trunk purchase, $40

Trend Trunk always updates their site for improvements, such as recently they added a feature that shows when a seller was last online. This shows that the seller is active, engaged and is keeping their closet updated – just in case they may have sold the item offline but forgotten about their post. I only like to buy from sellers who are active and who have pictures of the actual item (not from a company) to alleviate any mishaps in my purchases. Though if anything were to happen through the process, I have confidence that Trend Trunk would help resolve the issue. I would like to see future improvements such as removing an item if a seller hasn’t logged on in a six month period or if the item has been sold (lusted items that are sold, stay on your Lust List until you click on the item and realize then that it has sold). Trend Trunk says that they don’t delete the sold items so that others can see your sense of style on your Lust List but I don’t see it being used like that. They also have an app which I use regularly!

20140201_120230My first Trend Trunk purchase, Nars blush, $25

Trend Trunk sells both mens and women’s items in clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and body care. Many of the beauty items are brand new or nearly new (ask your seller to spritz with alcohol first) so if there is a particular brand or item that you use regularly, you likely could save a few dollars. It’s also a good way to sell items that you didn’t love, since we’ve all made those purchases.

20141031_150455My latest Trend Trunk purchase, Feed for Target sleeveless shirt, $16

I look forward to many more purchases and sales on Trend Trunk and I hope you’ll join me! You can shop my closet here.

Update: As of February 2015, Trend Trunk has completely abandoned their unique business practice of paying instantly, holding payments in escrow until the item is received and the partnership with Canada Post. I have seen many complaints to Trend Trunk from it’s faithful users about this change and I myself have not used the service nor had any interest in my items since. It’s no longer a great service as I first reported and currently there is no similar service for Canadians. I will keep you updated!

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Until the next thrift!


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  1. […] I’m even wondering about hitting some friends up for trades.  Radical!  Life Preloved also pointed out that Trend Trunk is an awesome second-hand source for many new-with-tags items […]

  2. Cyn

    Do you know if there’s another site similar to Trend Trunk business model you describe in Canada? As of Feb 1st, they changed their business model: no more shipping services…they’re exactly like Kjiji now. Just killed the site for me. Looking for alternatives 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I’ve just updated this post about my disappointment to the new business practice. There are a few American websites that offer similar services such as Threadflip, Poshmark, Material WRLD and Thread Up but I don’t believe any of these are able to serve Canadians. To be investigated and of course I will let everyone know of any updates!

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