Introducing Green Beauty – the Lost Makeup Bag

I’m pleased to announce that I have added green beauty to my blog post topics. Not only has it been something I’ve always been passionate about but I feel its a perfect compliment to the conscious consumerism of buying preloved. There are so many reasons why one should consider changing their beauty and body products to green; carcinogenic ingredients, toxic for body and earth, against animal testing, the list goes on and all reasons for switching are great reasons. There really is no reason why what we put on our body needs to be tested on animals or contain toxic ingredients. I have started some green beauty posts on my Instagram but this will be the first official green beauty blog post.

Although, I knew I wanted to start blogging about green beauty, I had to make a quick drastic change to all my beauty products when I had a monster of a morning – a lost makeup bag! I started the renewal by stopping in at Pose Hair because I had seen that they carry the Sappho Organic Cosmetics brand of foundation that I had been hearing so much about. HaeJin did a nice application on me using all of Sappho’s products, she gave me tons of info as well as lots of samples to take home of the other green beauty products they sell such as Antipodes, the only organic company that has been scientifically proven to do what their labeling says. I bought a foundation and concealer, both by Sappho and an eye gel by The Face Shop (new in Canada but originally from Korea). I LOVE the foundation, it smells like flowers and provides a great light but thorough coverage. I will definitely re-buy and highly recommend. I’m glad I went into a store to get professional patch matching of my tone because I ended being the lightest shade, which I likely wouldn’t have bought online – sometimes it tends to be my brain’s wishful thinking to buy a darker more tanned shade then to buy the accurate shade.




The rest of my emergency shopping I did online. I bought a full set of vegan makeup brushes from Sappho Organics website because they were on special and the shipping was free. I’ve been wanting cruelty free brushes for quite some time and now was the chance. I love how each brush is labelled with its purpose. They are quite nice brushes but I find the concealer brush a little too prickly for my gentle eye area sometimes. Sappho also threw in a lip gloss, which is in quite a dark brown colour that is not good for my light skin tone but I do like the texture and finish that it’s something I may look into buying next time!




The final green beauty purchase of my whirlwind day was on the local green beauty online shop Nuciya. I’ve followed this company since day one and I love everything this young boyfriend/girlfriend duo does from green beauty blogging, online sales and crypto currency sales! Truly inspiring to create your own company at such a young age! I ended up purchasing the Sappho Organics powder foundation since I was wishing I would have also purchased it earlier in the day. The powder provides a super pretty finish to my liquid foundation, together neither feel like too much but a perfect bright finish. I also bought the 100% Pure fruit pigment mascara as Nuciya had just posted a fellow bloggers review of this mascara a few days earlier. The mascara is so great, not too drastic, not too light – just right with a few layers. It also smells like a fruity tea since its made from blackberries. And the best part is that I accidentally got a gob of mascara in my eye and all was fine. If this was a regular mascara, it likely would have burned, been irritated and maybe some short term damage but all was well! The final items I purchased from Nuciya was more of a want than a need, My Daughter Fragrances is a (surprisingly local) perfume company that is created without phthalates and parabens and instead, hand-compounded in France with essential oils, resins and absolutes then filtered and bottled in small batches in the Edmonton area (my home). There are two scents currently so I bought minis of both. They both smell similar but I find the Joyful scent lasts longer and is more potent so I tend to wear that one more. I do want to buy the larger version soon and am confident anyone would love these scents and products. Its not perfumey but very pure and pretty smelling. I was very happy with all my purchases from Nuciya, they provided a quick response and even gave me a discount code to use in my dire situation which I really appreciated. When the same-day package arrived from Nuciya, everything was cutely wrapped and each layer of the packaging was very special to open.







I still had a few more items to replace in my makeup bag such as blushes and eye shadows but I decided I would gradually get those since they are fun things to play with in stores. However, a few days later I eventually found my makeup bag in a very awkward place and I am thankful to have it back. My green beauty marathon inspired me to keep going and research more and more green beauty companies for all areas of life and all genders. Men also need to make sure they use green body washes, shampoos, toothpaste etc – it really needs to be a change for the whole family to make! I hope you look forward to more chats about green beauty and why it’s important to make these changes.

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Until the next thrift or green beauty post!

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  1. Thanks for the great recommendations and I love how this all unfolded because of a lost makeup bag! Can’t wait to try some of these products.

    1. Jennifer

      Happy to share the goodness! Sappho foundation, 100% Pure mascara and My Daughter Joyful fragrance are my top three of this haul (all available on Nuciya). Sappho even has a shade called Jennifer!

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