Edmonton’s Best Kept Thrift Secret

I’ve been a long time lover of thrift and consignment stores, all are great in their own way. Some are more expensive than others, some focus on mostly clothing or mostly home decor, some screen the items before they are put on the floor for sale and some don’t, some are local businesses and some work with nonprofits. But the one that stands out for all the right reasons is the Edmonton Emergency Relief Services, Peacock Boutique Thrift Shop!

They sell clothing, furniture, home items and electronics which are all checked thoroughly and tested before they are put on sale. They also carry brand new items donated by major stores such as returned and overstocked items. The store is cutely organized and they can even offer delivery for large items! The revenue from the store and other donations are used to support the services that Edmonton Emergency Relief Services offers.

They are located on 104 Street and 103 Avenue right in the heart of downtown and the new arena district. It’s too bad they don’t get enough recognition so let’s change that, the secret is out!



20140807_132718This eclectic painted antique dresser was $79!

20140807_132826I remember these from my childhood! A cigarette machine from my childhood?! Child of the 80’s!

20140807_132920Cute retro slipper chair that could be recovered or left as is! $40



20140807_133410Pyrex dishes $2 – $4, these are usually priced around $10 at other thrift stores.

20140807_133959They have a great selection of mostly brand new Tupperware, priced under $10 and it was on sale for an extra 30% off!

20140807_134408This retro pink and gold sparkly table was STUNNING! $100

20140807_134440Great rustic coffee table set $85

20140807_134623If you love refinishing retro dressers, this is the place! Look at the details of these!

20140807_135953Gorgeous antique dinning table $300

20140807_135931Table set! $12 for a beautiful china setting!

20140807_133608Teacup sets for $2.50! These tend to be priced quite high at other thrift stores.

20140807_140112Victoria’s Secret lotions $1.50

20140807_135222Brand new Lucky Brand jeans $5

20140807_141307Ella Moss, you can find this brand at Anthropologie, $4


20140807_140913Club Monaco brown pleather panel leggings $8. So sad these were just a bit too tight for me!

I found so many great items, it was hard picking out what I should get – I wanted it all, but in order to be less glutinous I didn’t choose anything. I am regularly stopping by the boutique so stay tuned for more! However, this is what I purchased on my first visit to the shop, a retro chair that is perfect for the backyard of my modern retro inspired home! This great chair was $20!


Until the next thrift!

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6 Thoughts to “Edmonton’s Best Kept Thrift Secret”

  1. Awesome! I did *not* know about this thrift store! Great blog, fellow yeggie 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, this place looks awesome! I’ll have to go check it out asap!

  3. I have been wanting to check this place out to since you posted this, and finally had the opportunity today, only to get their pay for parking and discovered that they’re closed for inventory. I’m disappointed and frustrated because I lost an hour and a half out of my day trying to get there and back! So, I would recommend that thrifters call before going! And I just hope to have another chance to go before Christmas…

    1. Jennifer

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that Nicole! I walk over on my lunch breaks to check it out and do notice some odd hours such as closed Monday – Tuesday or at 3pm, these seem to always change. We must remember though that it is non profit and volunteers are hard to maintain. They were also closed to the public during the Slave Lake fires to allow them to only serve the victims. I hope you will have the opportunity to check it out one day!

  4. […] local thrift or consignment stores as well as different big thrift shops. I like to check out Edmonton Emergency Relief Services, Peacock Boutique Thrift Shop every few months on my lunch breaks. It’s been noted that it’s likely best to call […]

  5. Nneka

    This is a great spot for furniture hunting, especially if you like refurbishing them like I do. Great prices, too! Please be sure to check out their hours of operation and even call before going just in case they’re closed.

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