My Three Favourite Natural Deodorants

Changing a bit of pace for this post. We all wear deodorant with our beautiful preloved clothing so lets discuss it. One can have various reasons for switching to a natural deodorant, for me its the concerns about aluminum and other toxic ingredients in mainstream products. You can do everything a little bit more conscious, eco, and animal friendly so why not make the switch? So here’s the list, keep in mind I’m always trying out new products so more may be added to the list over time.


Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Liquid Crystal Deodorant – Both my boyfriend and I use this. I use this liquid roll on when I’m fresh from an armpit sugaring (similar to waxing) since the pores are open for awhile and a thicker deodorant can clog pores creating cysts. I sometimes have to re-apply in the evening or in the middle of a very sweaty all day bike trip but overall it works great and doesn’t leave any residue. Not tested on animals and made in Canmore, Alberta, Canada! Cost $9 for 60ml, available online, at their stores or in some organic grocery stores.

Routine De-Odor-Cream – This one is my favourite of the three but is also the most expensive. It comes in lots of unique scents which is like a perfume when I first put it on but eventually they all start to smell the same to me. I just use my fingers to put it on, the consistency is like a sandy toothpaste which rubs in smoothly and you don’t have to use that much, it lasts all day with no residue! A jar typically lasts me four months and some of their scents are made with beeswax for those pregnant and breastfeeding. Made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada! Cost $24 for 50 ml, available online (they ship all over the world) or purchase where I first discovered it at Optimum Health in Edmonton. They have a retail locations page on their website.

Schmidt’s Deodorant – I discovered this one online a couple months ago with great reviews but there wasn’t a location near me that sold it. I just recently found it at Blush Lane, an organic grocery store in Edmonton. It is the same type of product as Routine but a creamier and harder consistency that it comes with a spatula and then have to rub the product in between your fingers before applying. Its lovely once its on and the scent is less strong than Routine that one could easily like both products the same. I just prefer not to do the extra steps needed with application of this product in the morning since I’m often in a rush. Cost $9 for 60 ml, made in Portland, Oregon, USA. Purchase online or use their retailer locator on their website.

Do you have a favourite that I should check out?


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2 Thoughts to “My Three Favourite Natural Deodorants”

  1. Oh yay! I found another blogger from Edmonton πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ How exciting! I’m just browsing through your blog and I love it and it’s variety!
    I thought that I would let you know that I just opened up an online natural beauty boutique called Nuciya. Edmonton orders will ship free with no minimum (orders will be personally dropped off by me). I thought that might interest you!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks Amber! I love your blog as well and was very excited you too are in this great city! I’ve shared your info on my facebook page! I look forward to connecting with you more! – Jen.

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