June 2014 Finds

It was a great monthly shop at Value Village. I found a lot of unique items but when it came to what I purchased, I just brought home what I truly would use. So let’s get started, here are some of the items I found browsing the aisles:


I was very close to purchasing this retro, made in Canada kitchen container set. All four for $6.


20140606_175505White House Black Market sandals in perfect condition. I enjoy browsing the shoe aisles because I find lots of great shoes, however they are never in my little feet size.


20140606_180749The above shoes are not really my style but I found them really unique that they deserved a photograph or two.


20140606_184707A great Joe skirt for $6


20140606_184750Another great Joe skirt for $6.


20140606_192121I wish I would have purchased this Body Glove backpack for $8. Such a blast from the past!


And now for what I purchased:

20140606_185404This stunning, perfect condition Bedo military style jacket for $10. Every detail of this jacket is amazing!


20140606_185314Trying on the perfect jacket. Side note, my Gap jeans are also from Value Village that I purchased a few years ago.


20140612_215143I purchased this Adidas crisp white t-shirt $8 for a few reasons; wanting more workout gear, I love the cleanliness of white as well it is very similar to Germany’s jerseys for the World Cup and they are one of my favourite teams to watch.


20140627_223336How awesome are these breakfast plates (literally)?! These are perfect for our retro built home and kitchen. There are a total of five plates for $5.


20140621_120847Thirst Aid highball glasses, $3 for the set of two. I purchased these for all smoothies and juices I make at home!


Thanks for looking, until the next thrift!






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  1. Awesome finds! I went into Value Village for the first time in like 5 years and found an Under Armour long sleeve shirt in perfect condition! It only cost $12

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