trend trunk review

i recently came across the website i liked it for selling clothing, jewelry and beauty items for many reasons. 1) its free to list your items. 2) the website only takes 20% of the sale (most consignment stores take 40-50%). 3) it was a canadian based website so i knew that buying, selling and shipping would be easy and doable. 4) buying is easy, you can use your debit card/bank account as an option instead of credit cards/paypal. 5) shipping to your buyer is as easy as printing off a mailing label and putting the item in the mail. all shipping costs are included in the price of the sale from the buyer.


i gave it a try and put some items up for sale. as of this post, i have yet to sell anything. the website may need more promotion for actual buyers. while i waited for my first sale, i went shopping. i settled on something i needed, blush! the most popular blush is nars orgasm. i found a nearly new nars blush in super orgasm. the seller said she would clean it with alcohol before purchase. i paid $25 which included shipping and tax. in sephora canada stores, the same blush costs $32 (plus tax and your time). the blush arrived with a cute little thank you note from the seller and i was surprised how brand new it was! a great first experience overall. i will continue to use this website for easy buying. sometimes kijiji/craigslist can be a bit cumbersome and i never use ebay. ebay actually scares me. so many things, so many rules. trendtrunk was easy, intuitive and fun!









sign up and give it a try! you can view my page on trendtrunk here:

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