Starbucks Thrift

what’s your favourite item to thrift for? for me, its starbucks mugs. i’ve been very lucky with my finds by just finding them at my favourite value village location. i dont find them every trip but it is very frequent. to date, i have seven thrifted mugs (one was a gift from africa – read on) and one canister.


starbucks canister $10



starbucks mug circa 2002



starbucks mug circa 2006 $5



starbucks mug circa 2010 $5. i found this one when it was still for sale at starbucks stores.



starbucks mug circa 2009



starbucks mug circa 2008 $5



starbucks mug circa 2008 $1 (yes one dollar).



and now for the piece de resistance. starbucks new mexico mug circa 2007. found in a thrift shop in ghana and brought home as a gift for me. this was actually my first starbucks mug that started my collection.

more to come! i will keep you posted as my collection grows. what’s your favourite item to look for when preloved shopping?



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