Why Preloved?

I have been second hand shopping since I was little. Its one of my favourite memories growing up. My mom would spend hours at her favourite consignment store. I would watch in awe as she tried on amazing ball gowns and power suits. In my adult years, I carried on the tradition by consigning my garments and shopping at consignment stores. A lot of my favourite pieces came from these stores. When I became a homeowner, I began preloved shopping for furniture, fixtures and home decor items. Nearly my whole house was furnished from Kijiji.

I expanded my preloved shopping to include Value Village after a friends secret recommendation. I had always known about Value Village but I would never dare shop there! My friend showed me all her treasurers that she would find; Micheal Kors, BCBG… and I was interested. My first visit, I picked up a pair of Seven jeans in perfect condition for $8. I then began making regular shopping trips to Value Village and it didn’t seem to bother me about shopping there, I soon couldn’t keep my secret and loved sharing my shopping successes with friends. I began tweeting these finds and posting on facebook and instagram. Then one day, I came across a few blogs of those who were doing exactly what I was doing but on a more public scale. A light bulb went off, I questioned why I hadn’t thought of creating a blog years ago. I figured I could show a different side of Value Village shopping and include all types of preloved shopping outlets whether its for home or for fashion. I enjoy finding unique items, saving money and helping the environment out a bit.

I debated a bit if I should do this blog project or not but then came a sign… I won a $50 Value Village gift certificate by voting on my favourite outfit put together by other thrift store bloggers. So here I am today, a gift certificate in hand and ready to share this journey with you. My intention is to inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to shopping. Always buying brand new is hard on our environment and society. Preloved is the way to go! Let’s go shopping!


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